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Individual Interment at National Cemetery view
Individual Interment at National Cemetery
Date 2006-03-13 오후 5:42:58 View 1961
To promote convenience of the bereaved
Starting in March 2006

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister; Yu-chul Park) announced that it would implement the Individual Interment System at the National Cemetery in Daejon from March 2006 in order to relieve inconvenience of surviving families.

In general, it takes about one month for remains to be buried since the interment application has been made under the current system of group interment. It allows family members to suffer inconvenience because it is difficult for them to bury within the traditional funeral service period and they have to visit the cemetery several times.

The new system is designed to mitigate family members` economic and time burden by conducting individual interment service 2 times on weekdays when no group interment ceremony is scheduled. And on weekdays and Saturday when group interment service is due, one individual interment service is carried out. Both group and individual services can be done at the same time at family members` request.

In addition, the ministry aims to develop travel packages that include sightseeing programs at near memorial facilities to lure tourists from home and abroad. And it also has plans to use the cemetery to achieve educational purposes by holding writing and speech contests.

Kim, cheeho(International affairs)