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MPVA's Major Tasks for 2006 view
MPVA's Major Tasks for 2006
Date 2006-01-06 오후 5:26:14 View 2097
@ Increase compensation amount for National Meritorious Persons
* Increase the amount of pension and allowance and introduce the fostering allowance for children under age (when 2006 budget confirmed)
-Basic pension; KRW 708,000 --> 744,000 (5%)
-Additional pension; KRW 13,000~2.39 million -> 14,000~2.629 million (7.0%)
-Nursing allowance; KRW 486,000~1.641 million -> 523,000~1.723 million (5.0~7.6%)
-Orange Agent allowance; KRW 244,000~486,000 -> 261,000~530,000 (7.0~91.%)
-Military Merit allowance; KRW 100,000 -> 110,000 (10%)
-6.25 Children allowance; KRW 340,000~360,000 -> 375,000~420,000 (10.3~16.7%)
-Veterans Honorary allowance; KRW 60,000 ->70,000 (16.7%)
-Income Supplement allowance; KRW 80,000~90,000 -> 86,000~96,000 (6.7~7.5%)

@ Establish the Basic Plan for the Development of Veterans Affairs
* National Veterans Committee: Prime Minister (chairperson), Ministers (11), private members (13)
* Main job: Deliberate major veterans affairs policies
* Devise the Basic Plan for the Development of Veterans Affairs and announce it in June, 2006

@ Foster the Independence Hall to instill patriotism
* Create the exhibition space based on the exhibition master plan
* Transform various memorial facilities and National Cemeteries into a place where people enjoy visiting
* Encourage participation of overseas Koreans in managing independence movement relics aborad
* Develop the National Cemetery in Daejon into a future-oriented memorial place

@ Carry out the joint project with North Korea
* Information exchange, joint investigation, joint finding and bringing it back home (4 phase)
-Hold forums and symposiums designed to find out remains of patriotic martyr Ahn Joong-geun and study his career
-Publish book on Ahn, restore Ahn`s birthplace, build monuments and present commemorative performances

@ Expand medical and welfare service to the elderly and the physically challenged
* Expand the veteran`s helper system nationwide
-Number of helpers: 100(`05)->250(`06)
Number of social workers: 5(`05)->15(`06)
-Medical goods are offered to beneficiaries of home nursing service (free of charge)
* Build nursing homes and sanatoria for those who have no one to take care of them
-Entrust public and private medical facilities with a task to look after the elderly without dependent suffering from serious diseases
-Seek to build nursing homes for the elderly in preparation for aging society

@ Improve service quality of Merit Reward hospitals
* Construction work on the Central Merit Reward Hospital will begin in 2006 (Total budget; KRW 176.4 billion)
-Patient-friendly hospital
-Introduce high-tech medical equipment and replace antiquated one
* Increase the number of commissioned hospitals
-170 (`05)->190 (`06)
* Reduce and exempt medical expenses of local clinics

@ Support veterans at a pan-governmental level
* Formulate the basic plan to support veterans in the mid and long term and carry this out year by year
-Hold the Veterans Support Committee in the first half of this year and examine tasks facing each ministry
* Support veterans to develop vocational ability, start business and land jobs
-Ensure a smooth transition for veterans from active military service to civilian life through the Veterans Support Center
-Open a website aimed at supporting veterans (www.vnet.go.kr)

@ Promote honor of veterans
* Build environment-friendly National War Veterans Cemeteries for meritorious veterans and veterans in metropolitan and southern areas
- Enhance the national image by expanding the Revisit Korea program that invites Korean War veterans from foreign countries
-`06 830 persons, KRW 910 million (`05 560 persons, KRW 607 million)
* Speed up efforts to take reforms of various veterans associations including the Korean Veterans Association

Kim, cheeho(International affairs)