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2017 MPVA Invitation Program Schedules view
2017 MPVA Invitation Program Schedules
Date 2017-04-10 오후 3:57:17 View 28022

2017 MPVA Invitation Program Schedules

April (April 23 to 28): Commonwealth Nations veterans - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom (Ireland)  

May (May 22 to 27): US MIA Family members

June (June 22 to 27): US Korean War(KW) Veterans

Students Camp (June 24 to 30): Descendants of Korean War veterans

Teachers Camp (July 23 to 29): US NCSS* teachers 

* National Council for the Social Studies 

July (July 24 to 29): Representatives of KW Vets from 21 nations, Former Peace time vets after Korean War, Descendants students of KW veterans (July 24 to July 30)

September (Sept.18 to 23): US KW Vets

October (Oct. 22 to 27): US KW Vets

November (Nov.8 to 13): Family of deceased KW veterans**, KIA/MIA from the

Australia, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United Kingdom

** Family of KW vets interred in Busan UNMCK