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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Battle of Jangjin (Chosin) Reservoir Monument view
Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Battle of Jangjin (Chosin) Reservoir Monument
Date 2015-09-07 오전 10:26:28 View 1768



The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, on July 27, held a groundbreaking ceremony of a monument that commemorates the Battle of Jangjin (Chosin) Reservoir which is recorded as the biggest winter battle in the Korean War history and one of the most brutal battles in the history of the US Marine Corps. The monument will be built at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia.


During the Battle, 15,000 US marines fought through 120,000 Chinese soldiers in the extreme winter cold of -22 to -40 °F (-30 to -40 °C), successfully evacuating about 98,000 Korean refugees at Hungnam Port.


MPVA Vice Minister Choi Wangeun, Lieutenant General Steven Olmstead, Lieutenant General Richard Carey and other Korean War veterans participated in the ceremony.


The “Star of Koto-ri,” a symbol of the battle, will be on the top of the monument. US Marines started to wear the star to commemorate the bright stars they saw after a snowstorm before succeeding in the evacuation.


The Battle of Jangjin Reservoir is one of the biggest three winter battles in history where 4,500 US marines died and 7,500 were wounded among 15,000.