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Morale boosting visit for troops dispatched overseas view
Morale boosting visit for troops dispatched overseas
Date 2011-12-19 오후 5:36:15 View 5557

◈ Minister Park cheered soldiers up by delivering pep talks and compensation fund ◈

The government delegation headed by Minister Park Sung Choon visited countries in Middle East from December 16 to 18 to encourage dispatched troops who are fulfilling their mission of peace keepers. The delegation consisting of seven people including government officials from Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs visited the Dongmyung unit in Lebanon and the Ahk unit in the UAE.
The delegation delivered compensation fund and gifts to them with the aim of boosting their morale.
Meanwhile, the day before heading to Lebanon and the UAE, Minister Park made a visit to the ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC) and extended his appreciation for the commitment of US service members for their contribution in defending peace on the Korean peninsula and in Northeast Asia. Minister Park presented educational assistance fund and a memento (a frame with a DMZ barbed-wire fence) to USFK soldiers.