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Turn Toward Busan ceremony held in Busan on Nov.11 view
Turn Toward Busan ceremony held in Busan on Nov.11
Date 2011-11-21 오후 5:53:37 View 2792
◈ Simultaneous moment of silence at 11AM around the world ◈

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Park Sung Choon) held Turn Toward Busan ceremony at the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan on November 11, Remembrance Day observed in Commonwealth countries to recall the official end of World War I on that date in 1918. The service attended by about 400 people including Minister Park, Deputy Mayor Yun-whan Ko of Busan city, UN Korean War veterans from four Commonwealth nations and their family members, Ambassadors and Defense Attachés of Embassies of Commonwealth nations and citizens was in honor of UN Korean War veterans fallen during the Korean War.

The service started with the moment of silence observed at 11 o’clock sharp followed by wreath laying by distinguished guests, briefing on the Turn Toward Busan program by Vincent Courtenay who suggested and initiated this program, commemorative remarks by Minister Park, Thank-you letter reading by student representative and performance.

The welcoming reception hosted by Minister Park for the veterans took place after the ceremony at a hotel in Busan, and the framed Thank You message and the Ambassador for Peace Medal were presented to those veterans in order to express the appreciation of the Korean people for their contributions and services made during the Korean War.

This program began in 2007 with the suggestion of Mr. Courtenay who also served in the Korean War. On November 11 at 11 o’clock sharp, Korean War veterans around the world face the UN Cemetery in Busan, the only cemetery managed by the United Nations and pay a silent tribute for their comrades who lost precious lives during the Korean War.