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Tour program for outstanding US service members view
Tour program for outstanding US service members
Date 2011-11-04 오후 5:24:41 View 2462
The MPVA (Minister Park Sung Choon) has arranged a cultural tour for 120 exemplary USFK members from November 1 to 3 in order to let them learn more about Korean culture and to enhance their experiences while assigned to Korea.

During a three-day trip, US soldiers had a chance to visit Independence Hall in Cheonan city, the Cheongnamdae presidential villa, a temple, pottery factory, and the Cheongju National Museum. The guests also visited the Task Force Smith Memorial Monument in Osan City, which is where U.S. Soldiers first entered combat during the Korean War on July 5, 1950. The trip ended with a banquet hosted by Minister Park Sung Choon.

In his remarks, Minister Park said that Korea would strive to establish permanent peace on the Korean peninsula by joining hands with United States Forces Korea members.

The MPVA has been sponsoring this annual trip since 1995.