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Unveiling ceremony of Korean War Monument in Gold Coast view
Unveiling ceremony of Korean War Monument in Gold Coast
Date 2011-10-12 오후 2:25:02 View 2241
◈ Attended by 600 people including Australian Korean War veterans on August 20 ◈
◈ Ceremony was followed by various appreciation events ◈

The unveiling ceremony of the Korean War Memorial constructed with support from the MPVA and the Queensland government of Australia, and private donations by Koreans residing in Australia was conducted on August 20 in Gold Coast, Australia. About 600 people were present at the ceremony including Joo-bong Yoo, Director General of the Commemoration Bureau of the MPVA, Anna Bligh, the Queensland premier, Mark Kelly, Commissioner of the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs, Ron Clarke, Gold Coast Mayor, Australian Korean War veterans and their family members.

The monument was built in honor of the noble sacrifice and dedication of Australian forces who put themselves in harm’s way during the Korean War while defending Korea’s peace and freedom. It was erected in the Surfers Paradise Cascade Park located in the central part of Gold Coast city, a major tourist destination of Australia. The Australian government is planning to rename this park to National Memorial Park and include it into a tourist route.

During the Korean War, under the UN banner, 17,164 Australian soldiers landed Korea to defend Korea’s freedom and peace. Among them, 339 lost their precious lives while 1,216 injured and 44 missing.