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2011 International Workshop on Veterans Affairs view
2011 International Workshop on Veterans Affairs
Date 2011-10-07 오후 3:44:05 View 2260

The 2011 International Workshop on Veterans Affairs was held from September 1st to 2nd for two days aimed at enhancing the understanding on other countries’ veterans policy and exploring

The two-day seminar started in 2005 which means it was in its seventh round this year. The meeting was attended by 9 officials from 5 countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the US, and dozens of Korean officials and experts in the field of veterans affairs. Representatives from 5 nations made useful and insightful presentations on 『Key tasks and strategic directions in the field of veterans affairs in the 21st century』, 『Re-adjudication system for disabled veterans whose physical condition got better or worsened, and criteria for approving veterans who claim to have tinnitus, PTSD & CRPS as disabled veterans and rating their disability』, and 『Operation of medical service system especially for elderly veterans』. Following the presentation, all of the participants were engaged in productive and heated debate with expert panels.

It is expected to enhance mutual cooperation and understanding among participating countries through policy discussion and information changes. It was more meaningful to discuss major tasks facing each country and future course of action regarding veterans affairs this year which marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the MPVA.