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Reopening Ceremony for Independence Hall of Korea view
Reopening Ceremony for Independence Hall of Korea
Date 2010-05-12 오전 11:54:52 View 1536

The Independence Hall of Korea held the re-opening ceremony for its 1st Exhibition Hall (Root of the Nation) on May 4 after completing renovation work on it. The ceremony was attended by about 300 people including Moo-seok Woo, Vice Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Joo-hyun Kim, President of the Independence Hall of Korea, executives of the Korea Liberation Association and heads of local governments and various veterans organizations.

The history museum has launched renovation works for its seven exhibition facilities since 2006 and two facilities of 2nd (The Ordeal of the Nation) and 6th (The Construction of the New Nation) are reopened now. The renewal work for the Root of the Nation (1st) hall was started in August 2009 until through last April.

The reopened 1st hall dedicated to the period ranging from prehistoric times to the Joseon Dynasty has the total floor area of 3,478㎡. It displays various exhibits demonstrating Korea’s rich history and culture and invincible spirit that enabled Korea to overcome numerous aggressions by foreign powers.

As history distortion from neighboring countries of Japan and China is ever increasing, the Independence Hall of Korea plans to take this Root of the Nation hall as a platform to further inspire patriotism by utilizing its exhibits for training programs for youth and cultural events.
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