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200 Korean War veterans from the British Commonwealth to revisit Korea view
200 Korean War veterans from the British Commonwealth to revisit Korea
Date 2010-04-14 오후 6:04:44 View 2042
◈ 60th anniversary commemorative projects to be launched in earnest ◈
◈ British veterans with distinguished military careers to be invited ◈

As part of the Revisit Korea Program inviting Korean War veterans of 21 UN Allied nations, about 200 veterans and their family members from four member nations of the British Commonwealth including Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand arrived in Korea on April 12. The 1st round of the program is scheduled to be held for seven days until April 18. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs plans to invite at least 2,400 veterans and families from 21 countries this year for six rounds.

Veterans from the Commonwealth are known to achieve brilliant military gains in the battles in Gapyung and Imjin River. Among the veterans visited are William Speakman who was awarded Britain’s top military merit Victoria Cross for his contribution to the safe evacuation of his unit during the war, and Derek Kinne who received the George Cross for the bravery he displayed while captured by Chinese soldiers. In particular, Speakman is the only veteran alive today who received the Victoria Cross.

The four nations of the British Commonwealth dispatched about 94,000 soldiers to Korea during the war, among which 8,100 were either killed or wounded.

A group of veterans saluted their fallen comrades at the National Cemetery in Seoul and the UN Cemetery in Busan, and visited battlefields where they fought against the North Korean invaders and war memorial monuments. Plus, they are expected to attend the banquet hosted by Minister Yang KIM and visit the War Memorial of Korea, one of the largest war museums in the world. Minister KIM will present a Thank You poster frame to all of the war veterans expressing South Korea`s appreciation of them.