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Revisit Korea Program to be launched with start of Thai veterans view
Revisit Korea Program to be launched with start of Thai veterans
Date 2010-04-06 오후 6:02:29 View 1585
◈ A total of 2,400 veterans to revisit Korea throughout the year ◈
◈ Thai veterans visited various memorial facilities including UN Memorial Park ◈

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Yang Kim) started the Revisit Korea Program aimed at delivering gratitude to veterans of the UN forces who participated in the Korean War and their family members in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Through this program, it is expected that friendly and cooperative relations with the UN allied nations would be maintained and further enhanced.

To mark the 60th anniversary, the scale of the program is to be expanded this year with the number of participants of about 2,400 from 21 UN allied countries for 11 times from April to November.

Thailand was the first country in Asia to declare its intention to participate in the Korean War and dispatched about 6,300 soldiers. The country suffered about 1,200 casualties including 129 deaths. Thai soldiers had to go through not only fierce battles but intense cold.

A total of 10 people including veterans and their accompanying family members arrived in Korea on March 31. Their itinerary included the visit to the UN Memorial Park in Busan, the Monument for the Participation of Thailand in the Korean War and the War Memorial of Korea, and participation in the Buddhist Culture Forum and service to pay respect to 120 fallen Thai soldiers. They stayed in Korea for four nights and five days.

The MPVA presented a Thank You poster frame expressing the appreciation to the Korean War veterans to all of the participants, and played a PR video on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

With the aim of expressing the deep gratitude to Korean War veterans and offering an opportunity to them to see how remarkable development Korea has made after they left, the MPVA has been inviting veterans of the UN forces and their family members since 1975. About 26,000 people have revisited Korea until 2009.