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Presentation on 60th Anniversary Commemorations view
Presentation on 60th Anniversary Commemorations
Date 2010-02-24 오후 4:51:39 View 1597
◆ Ambassadors from UN Allied Nations Attended the Meeting ◆
◆ Various Commemoration Projects were Briefed ◆

The 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee held a presentation on its various commemorative projects to ambassadors from UN allied nations of the Korean War at the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul on February 12 (Fri.) 7AM.

The presentation led by Minister Kim Yang of the Patriots and Veterans Affairs was attended by about 30 people including Ambassador to the United Nations Park In-kook and ambassadors from 21 UN allied nations. The main agenda of the meeting includes Appreciation Events in 21 UN allied nations and the Revisit Korea Program for Korean War Veterans, the key initiatives of the Commemoration Committee. At the meeting, the Korean side asked governments and diplomatic offices of 21 countries to fully support for the successful commemorative programs.

As for 10 countries scheduled to participate in the G20 Summit Meeting held in Seoul this upcoming November, the committee discussed the measures to connect Korean War commemoration events and the Summit Meeting with the ambassadors of the countries concerned.