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The 70th Anniversary of the Day of Fallen Patriots view
The 70th Anniversary of the Day of Fallen Patriots
Date 2009-11-18 오후 8:04:02 View 2190
A ceremony titled "Spirit of Fallen Patriots Became a Flame and Hope" was held on November 17th at Baekbeom Memorial Hall as well as cities around the country to honor the spirit and contribution of fallen patriots who sacrificed their lives in the fight against the Japanese for this nation`s independence, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the fallen patriots` day.

The ceremony held at Baekbeom Memorial Hall was attended by 700 or so people including the prime minister, government representatives, families of fallen patriots and independence activists.

During the ceremony, wreath was laid, incense was offered, personal histories of independence activists were read, a performance was put on the stage, a speech was delivered by the prime minister, and the song of fallen patriots was sung.

On the same day in Kazakhstan, a ceremony was held at the Korea Education Center in Almaty, sponsored by the Association of Independence Activists` Descendents. The ceremony was held alongside with an exhibition, performance, and a tea party, attended by 500 people including members of the Association of Independence Activists` Descendents and Korean expatriates

The Fallen Patriots` Day ceremony used to be hosted by the Korea Liberation Association and private groups since Korea`s liberation, but the day earned a status of an official memorial day of the government on May 9th, 1997 and the government has been hosting the ceremony ever since.