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MPVA Hosts an Overseas Ceremony Marking the 64th Anniversary of Korea's Liberation view
MPVA Hosts an Overseas Ceremony Marking the 64th Anniversary of Korea's Liberation
Date 2009-08-17 오후 7:52:32 View 1827
The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Kim Yang) hosted an overseas ceremony in Mexico City in Mexico (Aug. 14) and Khabarovsk in Russia (Aug. 14) where Korea`s independence activities were carried out, marking the 64th anniversary of Korea`s liberation. The ceremonies were designed to sublimate the noble spirit of fallen patriots to serve as an opportunity to unite Korean people around the world.

It was the first time for the Korean government to host an event of celebrating Korea`s independence in Mexico City. The ceremony was attended by 450 people including the head of Patriots and Veterans Review Commission, Korean ambassador to Mexico, descendents of Korean independence activists, and Korean expatriates. It was designed to revisit the joy of our nations` independence and its meaning and to remind Korean expatriates of patriotism and the pride as Korean people.

The representatives of Korean government visited Merida City to console the descendents of more than 1,000 Korean independence activists who came here in 1905 to be engaged in independence activities such as fund raising and nurturing of independence army even though they had to live a miserable life of laborers at Henequen Farm like slaves. They also paid tribute to the tomb of patriot Kim Ik-ju (awarded the Order of National Pride), the only independence activist in Mexico and who was laid in Mexico City.

In Khabarobsk, the ceremony was held at khabarvsk Music Theatre sponsored by the Korean Association of East Asia and Siberia. The ceremony was attended by 900 or so people including MPVA representatives, Consul General of Vladivostok, director of Korea Education Center in Khabarovsk, chairman of International Human Club, and chairman of Korean Association. At the ceremony, a performance was put on the stage by the performance team of the International Human Club.