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MPVA built the monuments for the Korean War veterans abroad view
MPVA built the monuments for the Korean War veterans abroad
Date 2009-07-28 오후 6:04:02 View 1557
Opening ceremony of monuments for the Korean War was held on July 26th. About 400 people including the Minister of MPVA, Government officials in New South West, war veterans, and residents attended the ceremony.

The monuments of the Korean War are for the war veterans from Australia, one of the UN member countries. During the war, 339 people were killed and 1,216 people were injured among 8,407 soldiers. The monuments were built on July 10th and the monuments cost 800,000(AUD) (250,000 AUD from MPVA, 350,000 AUD from NSW Government, 200,000 AUD by fundraising)

The monument were established at the Moore Park, Coner Anzac Parade & Moore Park Road. Materials of the monuments were delivered from Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do where the most of the Australian soldiers had been killed.

After the opening ceremony, the Minister of the MPVA will attend the commemorative ceremony of the Korean War Armistice Agreement on July 27th in Canberra, Australia. After that, the Minister will discuss the ways to strengthen international cooperation with Australia Minister of the veterans` affairs on July 27th and New Zealand Minister of the veterans affairs on July 29th.

Expecially, New Zealand is a blood alliance which dispatched 3,794 soldiers during the Korean War, taking up 40 % of the under 10 thousand military power. 45 New Zealand people were killed and 79 people were injured at that time.

The Minister of the MPVA, Kim Yang hopes to not only extend gratitude for the war veterans but also build cooperative relationships with Australia and New Zealand.