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[Notice] 2009 MPVA Academic Paper Contest (11th) view
[Notice] 2009 MPVA Academic Paper Contest (11th)
Date 2009-04-02 오전 12:18:18 View 2594
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Announcement No. 2009-24

* Subject (Examples)

1.Inheritance and Encouragement of Patriotic Spirit among the Korean People

❍ Development of Youth Participation Programs and Online Youth Education
❍ Revitalization of Existing Monuments and Facilities Established to Uphold the Spirit of Independence, National Sovereignty, and Democracy
❍ Enhancing Functions of Rewarding Patriots and Veterans for the Sake of National Unity
❍ Ways to Strengthen Sense of Nation for Establishing National Identity.
❍ Development of New Project Items to Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War for Enhancing the Sense of Patriotism

2.Improvement in the Benefits and Medical Welfare Policies for Patriots and Veterans

❍ Establishment of Proper Benefit System for Patriots and Veterans
❍ Improvement in Medical and Welfare Services Offered to Aged Patriots and Veterans

3.Proper Support for Retired Service Members

❍ Job Creation
❍ Support to Help Ex-service Members’ Smooth Transition into Civilian Life (Counseling, Education, Vocational Trainings, etc.)

4.Development of Future-oriented Policies

❍ Improvement in the MPVA Organization and Operation System
❍ Future Direction of the Independence Hall of Korea
❍ Ways to Utilize National Cemeteries in Educational Purpose for the sake of Strengthening Patriotism
❍ Direction of MPVA Policies in Preparation of Reunification of Korea

**** The subjects above are only examples. You can apply with a paper under the theme if it is related to patriots and veterans affairs.

* Eligibility

❍ Students : Undergraduate students (including vocational college students) or graduate students
❍ General : Open to all Korean people
❍ Teachers : Teachers of elementary, middle or high schools

* How to Apply

❍ Length: A4, between 23 to 35 pages & 2 pages long abstract
❍ Style: Academic style (Source References, Quotations and Footnotes in an academic paper)

- main text(Font:11 point Shinmyeongjo, Gap between lines:180, Frame (top :20, bottom :51, left :37, right :37mm)
- Footnote(Gap between lines:160, Font: 9.5 point Shinmyeongjo)

**** Reference “MPVA Homepage (Korean) - Bohungirokgwan - Academic Papers”

* Open :August 19, 2009 ~ September 18, 2009

* How to submit
❍ Via E-Mail : kkhjoa@mpva.go.kr

❍ Via Courier : Office of Planning and Budget, Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, 17-23 Yoeidodong, Bangsonggil 13, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Zip: 150-874)

* Announcement of Awardees: Oct. 30, 2009 (provisional)
Names of the awardees will be announced on the MPVA homepage

* Rewards

ㅇ Students(6) : Best price(1) - 2 million Wons,
Second(2) - 1 million Wons each
Third(3) - 500,000 Wons each

ㅇ General (6) : Best price(1) - 2 million Wons,
Second(2) - 1 million Wons each
Third(3) - 500,000 Wons each

ㅇ Teachers(6) : Best price(1) - 2 million Wons,
Second(1) - 1 million Wons each
Third(1) - 500,000 Wons each

**** All the prize winners will be granted certificates issued by the MPVA Minister and reward money. All the applicants will be granted souvenirs.

* Miscellaneous
❍ Evaluation Criteria: Practicality(40%), Creativity(30%), Logic(20%), Truth(10%)
❍ Applicants should state name, organization, address, resident registration number, telephone number, and e-mail address.
- Students and teachers need to enclose documentations to prove their identity (Certificate of Enrollment/ Certificate of Employment)
❍ Once a paper is applied, it shall not be returned to the applicant. For more information, call +82-2-2020-5124 to Mr. Go Hui-ju, an officer in charge of the paper contest.

If a prize winning paper is found to be plagiarized, the prize will be revoked and the reward money will be collected. All the rights of the prize winning papers will belong to the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs.

April 2009

Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs