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"Pit-a-pat Korea Campaign" Marking the March 1st Movement view
"Pit-a-pat Korea Campaign" Marking the March 1st Movement
Date 2009-02-14 오전 1:14:30 View 2817
[The pop-up image of Pit-a-pat Korea 2009 online event]

** "Pit-a-pat Korea Campaign" to Revisit the Burning Hope for Independence 90 Years Ago **
** UCC Contest and Interesting Events Designed to Prop Up Patriotism **

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Kim Yang) will launch an online campaign titled "Pit-a-pat Korea 2009" on the portal site "Daum" in an attempt to promote patriotism and people`s interest in March 1st Movement on the occasion of this year`s anniversary of the March 1st Movement and the 90th anniversary of Korea`s Provisional Government.

The MPVA has prepared the campaign to seek the national unity for overcoming the ongoing economic crisis by upholding the spirit of independence shown by our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our nation and remembering the burning hope of the members of Korea`s Provisional Government for the recovery of national sovereignty.

You can participate in the campaign from February 16th through March 15th by clicking on the banner posted on http://www.daum.net . The campaign will be consisted of 3 events including UCC Contest.

You can film various ways of re-enacting the March 1st Movement that set the hearts of our people on fire 90 years ago and post them on the Daum site. What is unique about this contest is that you need to post your UCC according to the place you film the footage. If you post a UCC taken against the backdrop of one of the major cities of the world, the footage will appear at the place it was filmed on the world map. Outstanding works will be rewarded. (First prize winner will be granted 2,000,000 won and a testimonial from the MPVA Minister.

Second event is Blogger`s News. MPVA invites you to post news on a blog under the theme of "You are the real patriot." The event was designed to send cheerful messages to those who work hard to make things different and better for our future at the place they are. (i.e. soldiers, fire fighters, policemen, volunteer workers, etc.)

Besides, you may easily participate in the "What made your heart went pit-a-pat ?" event by posting an article or picture (with a story) that aroused your patriotism.

The whole idea of the "Pat-a-pat Korea Campaign" is to make ordinary people feel comfortable about the way of loving our country. It is believed that the event will serve as an opportunity to remember the meaning of the March 1st Movement and the establishment of Korea`s Provisional Government.

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