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A Ceremony Marking 90th Anniversary of February 8 Independence Declaration view
A Ceremony Marking 90th Anniversary of February 8 Independence Declaration
Date 2009-02-07 오전 2:18:54 View 2603
When: 10 AM on Feb. 6th, 2009 / Where: YMCA Seoul, Korea
When: 11 AM on Feb. 7th, 2009 / Where: YMCA Tokyo, Japan

The commemoration ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the Feb. 8th Independence Declaration will be held on February 7th at Tokyo YMCA building (AM 11:00) hosted by hosted by the Korean YMCA in Japan (President; Yong-seong Kim). The declaration, carried by Korean students studying in Japan determined to recover the Korea`s national sovereignty at the heart of Japan in Tokyo, served as a catalyst for the March 1st Movement.

A total of 250 people including Kim Yang, chairman of the MPVA Committee for Deliberation of Merit Reward Awardees, Kim Young-il, president of the Korea Liberation Association (KLA), Kwon Cheol-hyeon, the Korean ambassador to Japan, Hur Maeng-do, vice president of Mindan, or the Korean Residents Union in Japan, and members of the KLA and Korean residents living in Japan will join the ceremony. The ceremony will commence with the reading of the February 8 Independence Declaration followed by the keynote speech by MPVA Minister Kim Yang and thanks remarks by the Ambassador, the KLA president, and the Mindan president. Then a congratulatory performance will be staged before shouting hurray three times.

Minister Kim invited Oishi seuseumu, grandson of Datsezi, the first Japanese to award the Orders of Merit for National Foundation of Korea, along with the vice president of Mindan, and members of Student Volunteers in Japan Association to a dinner on the eve of the ceremony.

The February 8 Independence Declaration was an epoch-making event in the history of Korea`s independence movement waged by students. It was signed by 11 representatives including Choi Pal-yong, Song Gye-baek, Kim Do-yeon, and Kim Sang-deok, of Joseon Cheongnyeon Dongnipdan (Joseon Youth Independence Party) organized by Korean students studying in Japan in the influence of the principle of self-determination of people advocated by President Woodrow Wilson of the United States. Then it was declared in Tokyo, the heart of Japan, at the gathering of 400 Korean students in Japan on February 8th of 1919.
The event served as a catalyst for the March 1st Movement took place about a month later, greatly influenced in Korean students` fight against the Japanese in the 1920s, and set the stage for the organization of countless independence movement groups at home and abroad and the establishment of a provisional government of Korea.

A day earlier, the same commemorating ceremony was held in Seoul, Korea, hosted by YMCA Seoul (chariman Kang Tae-cheol) and the Association of Patriots Contributed to the Independence of Korea (chairman Yoon Yu-hyeon). A total of 200 people attended the ceremony.