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Tribute Message by Minister Yang KIM view
Tribute Message by Minister Yang KIM
Date 2008-11-17 오후 2:00:53 View 1647
Tribute Message to Korean War Veterans All Over the World

Fifty-eight years ago, you brave men and women left your homes and families to defend the Republic of Korea, a country you never knew and a people you never met, to preserve peace and democracy in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.

In recognition of all who served here in the various United Nations contingents on land, sea and air, and in humble commemoration to those who fell in their service, the Government of Korea has declared the 11th day of November to be a Day of Thanks and Tribute for the United Nations Fallen.

Our nation can never fully repay its special and great debt to you who came to Korea so long ago and who so selflessly risked all for our country and our people. We owe you, and especially those who lost their lives in service, both during the three-year Korean War and in the peacekeeping duties that followed, our everlasting thanks and praise.

Our Government and people make every possible effort to provide support for the care of the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, where 2,300 braves from 11 different nations still rest in peace.

The soil of the UN Memorial Cemetery and of Korea was richly endowed by the selfless action and boundless courage of those who served here. It has been watered many times by the sorrow, grief and tears of the mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and comrades of those who fell defending out land. Even though you feel proud of your loved ones, their loss leaves many deep holes that can never be filled in the lives of the family members and loved ones.

Your noble actions and the ultimate sacrifice made by your fallen comrades endow your own nations with great honor. Your magnificent acts should be remembered forever in the histories of your own countries and always number always among their most outstanding achievements.

On November 11, Today We are proudly participate in the `Turn Toward Busan Commemorative Ceremony of Thanks and Remembrance for the United Nations Fallen.` It is held with full national honors within the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan.

We dedicate ourselves and our nation to the perpetuation of the wonderful democracy you have made possible and to work at the world`s highest levels in all spheres of human endeavor.

I call upon the people of Korea to join in honoring, appreciating and remembering all the Korean War Veterans who died or are still missing, those disabled and all still living for their valiant service to Korea. I ask all Korean people to take a moment of remembrance for the world‘s Korean War Veterans.

The Korean War Veterans and their families will be in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis and they will receive our loving thanks at every possible opportunity.

God bless all Korean War Veterans and their family members and those who have served in the UN Allied Forces.

Yang KIM
Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
Republic of Korea
November 11, 2008