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Vice Minister welcomes Norwegian Delegation view
Vice Minister welcomes Norwegian Delegation
Date 2008-07-25 오후 4:59:08 View 2279
Vice Minister’s Message
At the Welcoming Luncheon for Norwegian Delegation

Elisabeth Larsen, Director General of Dep. of Defense and the head of Delegation,
Distinguished Norwegian veterans and their families
Distinguished guests and Ladies and gentlemen!
I am honored and pleased to welcome you all and I would like to thank those who have traveled long distance to join us here today. I heard that it took more than 17 hours for you to fly in Korea from Norway. I hope you get over a jetlag.

I was told that to most of you, this is your first visit to Korea since the Korean War.
I think you might be astonished by the development of Seoul today since it has developed into a fabulous place that no one could ever imagine 50 years ago.

Almost all Korean War veterans who revisited Korea said that they were impressed by the development of Korea and they also said they were very proud of their participation in the Korean War. I am certain that all of you here feel the same way.
The remarkable development of Korea was not free. It is the product of hardworkings of the Korean people with the help of the decent service and noble sacrifice of Korean War veterans.

The Korean people never forget how blessed we were to have friend countries who provided helping hands when we were faced with the Communist invasion. The friend countries sent their brave combat troops and medical forces and Norway was one of them. I’d like to take this moment to thank the Norwegian government and the Norwegian people for helping us in the time of need.

Norway sent its great 623 men and women of medical doctors, nurses and personnel. They gave everything to save lives. They even extended their service time to give more medical assistance to Korea. Even after the mobile surgical hospital (NORMASH) closed its door, Norway didn’t stop its medical aid. Its medical forces stayed in Korea and helped Korea establish the National Medical Center, making great contribution to the improvement of medical services in this country.

Distinguished Guests!
Norway and Korea have enjoyed a long history of friendship since we established a diplomatic relations in 1959. Norway, a member nation of NATO has always been a close friend to Korea as Norway supported Korea in international arenas such as at the UN.
I firmly believe that Oslo and Seoul will further develop our friendship into partnership.

This year is very special to the Korean people as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Korea. We accomplished industrialization and democratization and now we set our sights on becoming one of top advanced countries in the world.
I ask your continuous support and interest in Korea.

Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude and respect to you for the service and sacrifice you made during the Korean War.
I hope you have a good time in Seoul and take pleasant memories when you return home. I wish you all the health and happiness.
Thank you.