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Minister Yang KIM Visits Washington view
Minister Yang KIM Visits Washington
Date 2008-07-25 오후 4:52:50 View 2100
Minister Yang KIM of Patriots and Veterans Affairs will attend a ceremony to commemorate the `55th Anniversary of the Signing of the Korean War Armistice` to be held in the West Potomac Park in Washington DC, on July 27th, as invited by James Peake, US Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The ceremony will be organized by the KWVA (Korean War Veterans Association) and be attended by 200 people or so including the Honorable James Peake, US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Honorable Yang KIM, Korean Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and Korean War veterans.

During his visit to the US from July 24 to 31, Minister KIM will pay tribute to Arlington National Cemetery and visit the Department of Veterans Affairs of the US to discuss plans with Secretary James Peake to cooperate in the veterans’ affairs. Minister KIM also plans to visit the United States Congress to meet Congressmen, James McGovern and Charles Rangel and discuss ways to cooperate in commemoration programs for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War in 2010.

In addition, Minister KIM will visit the City of Worcester to attend a memorial service to honor Korean War veterans and six ROK sailors killed in action the 2nd Yeonpyeong Sea Battle and will express the thanks of the Korean people to the Mayor of the city of Worcester for proclaiming June 29 to be Korean Veterans Remembrance Day.

The MPVA expects this official visit to the US will serve as a good opportunity to strengthen the US-Korea alliance in the future.