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Remembrance Month view
Remembrance Month
Date 2008-06-05 오전 9:55:02 View 1726
Remembrance Month

Every year in June, Patriots and Veterans` month the Korean government carries out various events to commemorate Memorial Day and June 25th, the day the Korean War broke out.

The ministry also carries out a `big tree` badge wearing campaign. For the campaign it will make 1.6 million badges and distribute them to the president, high-ranking government officials, media companies, schools and social organizations.

In the case of the UK, people call Remembrance Day as Poppy Day because they wear a red man-made poppy to pay tribute to their fallen patriotic forefathers, who died for the country.

Under the slogan, `The Republic of Korea Keeps Growing Nurtured by Your Tender Love,` there is a need to draw people`s attention to `The Big Tree Movement for Love of Korea` to create a change in perception towards patriots and veterans.

Events on Patriots and Veterans` Month

The ministry divides June into `Memorial Period,` `Appreciation period,` and `Reconciliation and Unity Period` and carries out featured events for each period with participation of local governments, the media and religious communities, and the youth. Numerous events to encourage Armed Forces and appreciate their service will take place.

Since the first period, from June 1st to 10th includes Memorial Day, it is designated as `Memorial Period` to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day in a solemn and reverent way.

During `Appreciation period`, from June 11th to 20th, various events will be held to pay respect to patriotic martyrs and their sacrifices for and devotion to the nation.

The last period of June is named as `Reconciliation and Unity Period.` Various events will be conducted to prevent recurrence of national crisis by keeping the Korean War in mind.