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Message from President Lee Myung-bak to Korean War Veterans from the United States and Turkey view
Message from President Lee Myung-bak to Korean War Veterans from the United States and Turkey
Date 2008-06-02 오후 2:22:33 View 1707
Message from
President Lee Myung-bak,
of the Republic of Korea
to Korean War Veterans from the United States and Turkey
Delivered by Kim Yang,
Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs

May 22, 2008

Good evening, distinguished Korean War Veterans from the United States of America and Turkey, I sincerely welcome you all. Even though I am not able to join with you this evening, I will be with you in spirit.

Fifty eight years ago, you left your families and homes to defend freedom, peace and democracy, fighting shoulder to shoulder with Korean soldiers. A great number of young men and women from the United States, Turkey and other countries lost their lives or were injured.

The United States was the first of the UN member countries to send troops to Korea, and scored crucial victories, including the Incheon Landing, which is remembered as a landmark operation in military history.

As President of the Republic of Korea, I placed a wreath at Korean War Veterans Memorial during my visit to the United States last month and expressed my profound appreciation and gratitude to Korean War veterans for their services.

Beginning in 1950, Turkey sent approximately 15,000 brave soldiers to defend South Korea. The Turkish brigade demonstrated superior combat capabilities and extraordinary courage during every crucial phase of the war.

Your indomitable courage and commitment on the Korean Peninsula will be forever remembered in the hearts and minds of the Korean people.
Your tremendous sacrifices and devotion were not in vain. From the dire poverty and ruin of the war, the Republic of Korea has risen to become one of the 12 leading economies in the world. The country has become a dynamic, free democracy. We are proud of our progress. We have turned the Republic of Korea from a receiving country into a giving country.

All Koreans and I personally have profound respect for you and appreciate your selfless service, which laid the foundation for the Republic of Korea. You helped lay the foundation for one of the greatest triumphs in the history of freedom, indeed.

Korean War Veterans,

The Korean people s endeavor to build a leading nation will continue without stopping. The Government will make every effort to protect the free economy, secure liberal democracy and become a more active and prosperous country.

Korea will make an active contribution to world peace and prosperity as a mature country standing tall internationally, a nation that is worthy of the magnificent contributions and sacrifices of you, brave Korean War veterans.

I urge you to continue to support us with your fond regard. You certainly have ours, for as long as the Korean people exist.

I hope that all of you enjoy your stay in Korea and that you will take back many pleasant memories when you return home. I wish you all good health and happiness.

Thank you.