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MPVA invites 88 Korean War Veterans of the United States and Turkey view
MPVA invites 88 Korean War Veterans of the United States and Turkey
Date 2008-05-21 오전 9:36:29 View 1699
MPVA invites Korean War Veterans of the United States and Turkey

** Veterans are to visit memorial places including the National Cemetery **

The Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs(Minister, Kim Yang) and the Korean Veterans Association(President, Park Se-jik) will hold the Revisit Korea Program for the veterans who participated in the Korean War under the UN flag. The program is to honor their service and sacrifice, and to express the gratitude of the Korean people by inviting the Korean War veterans and their families to Korea. It also serves to maintain the friendly relationships and further strengthen cooperation with the Korean War participating countries.

Korean war veterans will be invited from the United States and Turkey; 64 veterans from the United States and 24 from Turkey. They arrive on May 19 and depart Korea on May 24. During their six-day stay in Korea, they will pay tribute to the war fallen at the National Cemetery (May 20) and visit the truce village of Panmunjeom (May 21) and the Korean Folk Village (May 22).

Minister Kim Yang of Patriots & Veterans Affairs and President Park Se-jik of the Korean Veterans Association will co-host the Welcoming Dinner for the veterans at Capital Hotel in Seoul at 18:00 of May 22 where they are to confer memorial medals and certificates of Ambassador for Peace upon veterans in honor of their sacrifices.

Korea has been inviting Korean War veterans through this program since 1975 to offer them a chance to see that Korea has achieved a remarkable development from the ashes of war and to look at the current security situation on the Korean peninsula. The program also serves as an opportunity for the Korean people to express their sincere thanks to the veterans and to ensure that their sacrifice will never be forgotten. A total of 24,500 veterans and their families were invited so far. For this year, a total of 700 veterans are to be invited through this program; 150 people in April, 88 in May, 200 in June, 170 in September and 45 in November.

21 UN member nations answered the call of the UN when Korea was invaded by hostile forces; 16 nations of them sent combat troops and the rest provided medical support. As many as 1,940,000 people from the countries participated in the Korean War and some 600,000 veterans are presumed alive.