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Vice Minister's Luncheon Remarks in Thailand view
Vice Minister's Luncheon Remarks in Thailand
Date 2008-05-08 오후 5:14:37 View 2210
Remarks for
The Honorable
Lee Jong-jung
Vice Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
At the Luncheon for Korean War Veterans of Thailand

Distinguished Korean War Veterans of Thailand!

It is my pleasure and a great honor to meet you all today.

His Excellencies
Korean Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. Han Tae-gyu
President of the Korean Association in Thailand, Mr. Jeon Yong-chang.

Thank you for being here with us at this wonderful event.

Distinguished Thai Veterans of the Korean War!

More than half a century has passed since you fought the Korean War with valor and bravery.

It is so touching moment for me to see you; you came to Korea to defend freedom and democracy in the prime age of your life. Many years have passed and now I see you with gray hair.

On behalf of the Korean people, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of you for your service and sacrifice.
Along with Korean soldiers, you fought the war in the cause of freedom, peace and democracy.

Many soldiers gave their precious lives and got wounded in the Korean War of a distant land.

The valor and bravery that you demonstrated in the Korean War are still in the minds of the Korean people as a legend and we, Koreans will never forget what you gave to our country.
Your service and sacrifice were not made in vain.

Korea has become an economic powerhouse in the world and achieved democratization.
The Republic of Korea today is a proud country that makes valuable contribution to world peace and prosperity.

Thailand is a very important country to Korea.
During the Korean War, you were the second country that came to Korea with fighting forces, following the US.
Since then, leaders of the two nations exchanged state visits; former president Rho Moo-hyun visited Bangkok in October 2003 and Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra came to Seoul in November 2005.
Thailand and Korea have maintained traditionally friendly relationships, and exchanges and cooperative relations are enhanced ever more.

Thailand is a very close friend to Korea as well.
Every year, as much as 1.2 million Koreans visit your beautiful country.
And this year, in particular, marks the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between Thailand and Korea.

To celebrate this anniversary, a Thai festival was successfully held in Korea last April.

I hope today luncheon will be a good chance for us to celebrate the 50th anniversary, and will be an opportunity for the Korean people to express many thanks to you. Also I wish you look back the Korean War and think of how valuable freedom we are enjoying today.

The Korean People will do our best to make our friendship bring about more peaceful and prosperous world

I believe that constant exchanges will help both nations further develop many areas including the economy and culture.

Once again, I thank you all for being here today.
And I wish you all the health and success.