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In Memory of Haegong, Shin Ik-hee view
In Memory of Haegong, Shin Ik-hee
Date 2008-05-06 오후 3:21:31 View 2138
A memorial service to the late Shin Ik-hee was held to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of his death at 11 a.m. of May 5(Mon) in Seoul by the Association of Memorial Service for Shin Ik-hee. The memorial service was attended by nearly 300 people including Minister Kim Yang of Patriots and Veterans Affairs and Chairman Kim Kuk-joo of the Korea Liberation Association.

Shin Ik-hee (1892.6.9~1956.5.5) was an independence activist who served to the Korean Provisional Government. Shin played an important role for the provisional government serving in many ministries involving foreign, domestic affairs and legal affairs. He also worked as a home secretary and sacrificed himself to independence movements through his active involvement in the provisional government.

In order to honor his contribution to the country, the Korean government posthumously conferred on him the Republic of Korea Medal in the Order of Merit for Independence in 1962.