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A Ceremony to be held in memory of a patriotic martyr Ahn Joong-geun view
A Ceremony to be held in memory of a patriotic martyr Ahn Joong-geun
Date 2008-03-26 오전 9:59:56 View 1808
10:00 AM, March 26(Wed.) Seoul Education Research & Information Institute, Namsan Park

A ceremony is to be held to pay tribute to the memory of a Korean patriotic martyr, Ahn Joong-geun by the Association for Commemoration of Patriotic Martyr, Ahn Joong-geun. He assassinated Ito Hirobumi, the first Japanese Resident-General in Korea during the Japanese colonial rule. His actions as a resistance fighter offered hope, courage and inspiration to the Korean people who were disheartened by the loss of national sovereignty to Japan.

The ceremony of commemorating the 98th Anniversary of the Death of the Patriotic Martyr will be attended by about 300 persons including Minister Kim Yang of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, representatives of organizations related to Korean Independence Movement, members of the Korea Liberation Association, and citizens.

This year`s service has greater significance with the participation of 20 Japanese persons who have been conducting various projects to honor and respect Ahn. The ceremony will be followed by the academic seminar held by his commemoration association at Sejong University in Seoul at 2 PM under the theme of his political ideology and his view of Japan.

Ahn Joong-geun, born in 1878, founded several schools and spearheaded the enlightenment movement in Korea during the Japanese colonial period. After Korea was forced to accept the Ulsa Treaty in 1905 by Japan, which took away the national sovereignty of Korea, Ahn determined to devote himself to regaining the Korean independence from Japan. Since then, Ahn took the lead in carrying out military resistance activities against Japan.

In October, 1909, Ahn shot Hirobumi to death in Harbin, China and was arrested on the spot after shouting `Long live the independence of Korea!` three times. Ahn was transferred to the Japanese prison located in Port Arthur, China and died in March 1910. His remains have been found nowhere, therefore the Korean government has been made every effort to recover them.

The Korean government has awarded the Order of Merit for National Foundation (Republic of Korea Medal) to Ahn in 1962.