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Free Medical Services in the Korean War Participating Nation view
Free Medical Services in the Korean War Participating Nation
Date 2007-03-07 오전 11:14:16 View 1866
- Duration: March 4 ~ March 11

- Place : Paranake & Cavite, Phillippines

- Purpose: Free Medical Services for veterans, their families, and 2,500 citizen of

the Korean war participating nation in return for their service during the War

From March 4 through 11, the Korean Oriental Medicine Service Team Abroad (KOMSTA, chairman Kim Ho-sun) will provide medical services for 2,500 citizens including Korean War veterans, their families living in the Philippines sponsored by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Park Yu-chul).

The project was designed to return the sacrifice many foreign soldiers made during the Korean War and foster the exchange and cooperation on a civilian level between Korea and their nations, especially those in vulnerable medical situation.

The medical team (headed by Dr. Lee Dong-ju) will consists of 16 doctors of oriental medicine and 22 supporting personnel. They will provide medical treatments such as acupuncture, yellowish swelling, and moxa cautery (moxibustion) as well as granular biomedicine.

When the Korean War broke out, the Philippines dispatched 7,420-strong battalion. Among them, 112 soldiers were killed and 229 injured in action. Since establishing a diplomatic relation with Korea in 1949, the Philippines have been actively engaged in diplomatic, economic, cultural exchanges with our nation. The Korean Government has been promoting the medical cooperation with the Philippine counterpart by establishing the Korea-Philippine Friendship Hospital in the City of Trece Martires, Cavite.

The KOMSTA provided similar medical services in the Korea-Philippine Friendship Hospital for 4,000 citizens in 2005 and 2006.