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Foreign Brides Learn Korea, Their Second Home ! view
Foreign Brides Learn Korea, Their Second Home !
Date 2006-12-04 오후 2:22:49 View 1358
- The 2nd `Korean History & Culture Experience Program for Migrant Wives` -

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (Minister Park Yu-chul) and the Independence Hall of Korea (President Kim Sang-woong) hosted the 2nd `Korean History & Culture Experience Program for Migrant Wives` on Dec. 3rd 11:30~15:40 in order to give an opportunity for foreign brides to enhance their sense of identity and pride as a Korean by experiencing Korea`s traditional culture and getting history lessons of the nation.

30 members of the Migrant Worker`s Welfare Society in Korea migrating from 7 nations including Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Thailand participated in the program. The participants paid tribute to national martyrs by laying wreath at the Independence Hall before they enroll in the program. During the program, they learned the origin and the meaning behind `Hanbok,` Korean traditional garment, and then actually wore Hanbok and learned how to give a deep curtsy. Two mixed marriage couples who haven`t had a wedding were provided a Korean traditional wedding service especially prepared for them.

Besides, the foreign wives toured through 7 exhibition rooms embracing the Korean history and the spirit of the patriots who died for the nation. They visited `Longing-for- Reunification Garden` and ringed a bell inside.

The whole program was designed to give a chance to migrant people to understand what it is like to be Korean and feel that they are not outsiders but dignified members of Korea, a second home for them.