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Offspring of Independence Patriot, Wi Huh, Visited MPVA view
Offspring of Independence Patriot, Wi Huh, Visited MPVA
Date 2006-11-08 오후 3:44:55 View 1311
- Minister Yu-chul Park of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Delivered Decoration and Compensation and Had a Conversation

The Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Yu-chul Park, invited two granddaughters of independence patriot, Wi Huh, to his office on Oct. 12th and talked with them. Ms. Rosa Huh (78) is a daughter of Mr. Huh`s eldest son, and Ms. Anisia Huh (66) is a daughter of his fourth son.

Minister Park delivered Mr. Hyung Huh`s certificates of decoration and compensation to his bereaved family member, Ms. Rosa Huh, and expressed his respect for the late patriot. Ms. Rosa Huh and Ms. Anisia Huh currently reside in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and arrived in Korea on Oct. 8th, at the Prime Minister`s invitation.

Ms.Huh`s party went to their grandfather`s hometown and visited their family graves with relatives, then traveled to Gyeongju City, Independence Hall of Korea, War Memorial of Korea, and Korea Liberation Association, etc. After enjoying various cultural events such as `Nanta Performance,` they went back to Uzbekistan on Nov. 3rd.