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A Ceremony held in memory of Yi Si-yeong view
A Ceremony held in memory of Yi Si-yeong
Date 2008-04-21 오전 10:38:34 View 2677
A Ceremony held in memory of Yi Si-yeong

The 55th Anniversary of the Death of Yi Si-yeong

A Ceremony was held in memory of Yi Si-yeong at 11:00 AM of April 17th(Thu) at his memorial statue in Mt.Namsan by his bereaved family.

Yi Si-yeong(1869.12.3~1953.4.17)was an independence activist dedicated himself to traninning and nurturing the Korean Independence Army in part of efforts to reclaim the national sovereignty and achieve independence. He also served as the first Vice President of the Republic of Korea.

The ceremony was attended by about 100 people including the Director of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Seoul Office, the Chiarman of the Korean Liberation Association, its members and his bereaved family.

In order to recognize and honor his contributions to the country, the Korean government, posthumously conferred on him the Republic of Korea Medal in the Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1949.
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