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A Ceremony held in memory of General Ji Cheong-Cheon view
A Ceremony held in memory of General Ji Cheong-Cheon
Date 2008-04-15 오후 3:26:17 View 2924
The 51th Anniversary of the Death of General Ji Cheong-Cheon

A Ceremony was held in memory of General Ji Cheong-cheon at 11:00 AM of April 14th(Mon) at the Seoul National Cemetery by the Association of the Korean Liberation Army. 200 people or so people attended the ceremony including Chairman Kim Kook-ju of the Korean Liberation Association.

Ji Cheong-Cheon (1888.1.25~1957.1.15), was an independence activist during the period of Japanese rule. He later became a South Korean politician.
He was a 1914 graduate of the Japanese military academy; however, he defected to the Korean guerilla forces in 1919, bringing with him knowledge of modern military techniques. His skills were appreciated by the Korean guerilla forces who made him the superintendent of the Sinheung Military Academy where new leaders of the Korean forces were being trained.

In 1940, he became the commander-in-chief of the Korean Liberation Army and made contributions to the organizational development of the Korean Liberation Army and to recovering the national sovereignty.
Following Korea`s liberation, he served as a member of the Korean Provisinal Government. General Ji Cheong-Cheon died in 1957.

The Korean government, posthumously conferred on him the Presidential Medal in the Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1962.