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76th Anniversary of the Death of Patriotic Martyr Lee Bong-chang view
76th Anniversary of the Death of Patriotic Martyr Lee Bong-chang
Date 2007-01-05 오후 5:56:53 View 2901

A ceremony will be held in the Kim Koo Museum & Library at 11 a.m. of Jan. 8 (Mon.) to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the death of patriotic martyr Lee Bong-chang who let the world know the invasion of Korea by the imperialist Japan and Korean people`s determination for independence by throwing a bomb to then Japanese Emperor Hirohito at the heart of Japan, Tokyo. The ceremony will be hosted by the Association of Commemorative Services for Patriot Lee Bong-chang (Chairman, Kim Ho-yeon).

The service will be attended by Minister Park, Yu-chul of patriots and veterans affairs, Chairman Kim, Kook-ju of the Korea Liberation Association, and 150 or so heads of independence movement associations and bereaved family members of independent activists. The chairman of the commemorative services association will open the ceremony with a keynote speech, which will be followed by memorial addresses by the MPVA minister and the chairman of the Korea Liberation Association. Wreath-laying, and incense burning for the repose of Martyrs Lee`s soul will also take place.

Patriot Lee Bong-chang (1901~1932) was born in Seoul and became a member of Haninaegukdan (Korean Patriotic Organization) after seeking asylum in China in 1931. On January 8, 1932, he was arrested for attempting to assassinate Japanese Emperor Hirohito by throwing a bomb and was executed in Ichigaya Prison on Oct. 10 of the same year.

Although Patriot Lee failed to assassinate the Japanese emperor, he was in the vanguard of independence movement in the 1930s and his assassination attempt became a turning point in the way of carrying out Korea`s independence movement at home and abroad.

He was decorated with Republic of Korea Medal which is the highest among five Orders of Merit for National Foundation in 1962.