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UN Allies

"UN Armed Forces' member countries that deployed troops to the Korean War stand behind the decision of the Commander of UN Armed Forces to conclude the cease-fire agreement... In Case UN's principle is again challenged by forced aggression, we will get united for the world peace again and fight with them without hesitation.“

-A quote from the 16 countries’ declaration (July 27, 1953) on the cease-fire on the Korean Peninsula –

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Countries That Provided Materials Support

Many countries and international organizations provided materials support as well as medical support to Korea. When the Korean War broke out, Europe was suffering from World War II and the countries in South America were in difficult economic situations.

Therefore, there were not many European and South American countries that could provide military support to Korea. However, a lot of countries volunteered to help Korea with materials supply.

International organizations as well as the UN member nations, such as Brazil, Taiwan, Cuba, Ecuador, Iceland, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, helped Korea with materials support.