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Republic of India

Republic of India

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  • Country Profile
    country profile
    Location Southern Asia
    Capital New Delhi
    Population 1,129,686,154 (June 2007)
    Area 3,287,590㎢ (15 times the size of the Korean peninsula)
    Race composition Indo-Aryan (72%), Dravidian (25%)
    Religion Hindu (81%), Muslim (13%)
    Form of government Republic system
    Language Hindu (first common language), English (second common language)
    Currency Rupee (Re)
    Independence Day Aug. 15, 1947
    Date of diplomatic relationship established Dec. 10, 1973
    Military attache establishment May 1990 in India, in Korea (residing in Japan Apr. 1978)
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    • New Zealand
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  • Key Roles

    Key Roles during the War

    India also used to hold the policy of neutrality. When the Korean War broke out, however, they decided to send the 60th Parachute Field Ambulance Platoon, a mobile army surgical hospi-tal(MASH). Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A. G. Rangaraj, it joined UN forces at Pyongyang on December 4, 1950, just in time to take part in the 8th Army’s withdrawal out of North Korea. On December 14, 1950, it formally became a medical evacuation unit for the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade. It supported this unit throughout the war. The Indian medical unit gained the respect of Commonwealth troops for its high-quality medical care and the courage of its soldiers under fire, and it was awarded official commendations from the ROK government several times.