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Persons of Distinguished Services to the National Independence

Those who took part in Korea's independence movements at home and abroad from 1895 when the Japanese infringement on Korea's sovereignty had begun to 1945 when Korea gained its independence from the Japanese occupation

Those who died directly and indirectly from the effects of their involvement in independence movements, which subsequently led to the receipt of the Order of Merit for National Foundation, the National Foundation Medal, or the Presidential Commendation for their meritorious service to the national independence

Soldiers and Police Officers Killed or disabled

Military service members or police officers killed or injured in combat or on combat-like call of duty

Civilian military employees killed or disabled in combat or on combat-like call of duty prior to December 31, 1959

Soldiers and Police Officers Killed or disabled

Military service members or police officers who died on duty (including death due to service-related ailments) or were discharged due to the injuries on duty or in work-related training

Participants of the April 19th Revolution

Those who were killed or injured in the April 19th Revolution in 1960, a democratic movement led by student groups

Those who received the Medal of National Foundation for their role in the April 19th Revolution

Public Officials Died or disabled=

National or local government employees died or disabled on duty

Agent Orange Victims

Discharged service members who fought in the Vietnam War or those who carried out their duties in the vicinity of the southern limit line of the Demilitarized Zone in Korea, and those who are still suffering from various ailments by exposure to Agent Orange as recognized by law

Meritorious War Veterans

Service members and police officers who served in the Korean War and were later discharged

Those whose service to the Vietnam War was recognized by the Minister of Defense or the National Police Chief

Service Members and Veterans in the Vietnam War

Service members who were discharged after completing their military service in the Vietnam War as defined as in the Military Service Act, or the Military Personnel Act

The veterans category to be subdivided corresponding to their service durations as in the mid-term service (5 years or more) or the long-term service (10 years or more)

Special Mission Unit Personnel

Those who carried out special missions or received the related mission training, or those who were killed, injured or reported missing in the midst of missions and operations

Bereaved Family Members

Spouses, children, and parents qualified as surviving family members are eligible to receive statutory compensations. In regard to the 'Persons of Distinguished Services to the National Independence,' their descendents are qualified in the related entitlements and benefits.