Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

To honor and serve those who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed for our country, and to preserve and promote their patriotic spirit

Our Vision

To create a society in which patriots and veterans can lead honorable and dignified lives, where the spirit of patriotism is valued


Strategic Goals, Performance Goals
Strategic Goals  Performance Goals 
Establish a broadly supported and well-developed compensation scheme for patriots and veterans  
  • Design a rational compensation system that is responsive to national sentiment and changes in society 
  • Construct a fair, practical review system for registration 
  • Establish a fair and sound compensation scheme 
  • Establish an organizational image that contributes to national unity
Ensuring the wellness of Patriots and Veterans 
  • Provide high-quality, convenient health services
  • Provide welfare services for a comfortable old age
  • Ensure the livelihood of patriots and veterans and enhance their capacity for self-sufficiency
  • Improve administrative efficiency to secure more financial resourcesto enhance the welfare of patriots and veterans
Promote the spirit of patriotism and contribute to national development  
  • Promote the Spirit of Independence as a driving force for national development
  • Create a mature society that respects and provides for patriots and veterans
  • Utilize memorial facilities to teach and promote patriotism
Actively integrate veterans into the nation's human capital base  
  • Strengthen pan-governmental infrastructure to assist veterans
  • Strengthen vocational training for veterans to facilitate employment or business start-ups
  • Enhance welfare service and honor war veterans and discharged servicemen and women
  • Strengthen international cooperation in veterans affairs