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Can National Merit Reward recipients living abroad receive benefits? (Benefits Management Division)

Yes. Patriots and veterans living overseas are entitled to receive benefits (Compensation/Allowance) pursuant to the Overseas Koreans Act and related laws on National Veterans Affairs. (Please be aware, however, that individuals who no longer hold nationality of the Republic of Korea are excluded from receiving Agent Orange Benefits.)

What should National Merit Reward recipients living overseas do to alert the MPVA when their address has changed? (Benefits Management Division)

Please fill out a Notarized Statement of Personal Data (Persons of Distinguished Services to the State and Bereaved Families Living abroad) and send it to the Benefits Division of a MPVA regional (district) office by postal mail or fax.

Who is eligible for the Revisit Korea Program and, how can I apply for the program? (Veterans Policy and International Affairs Division)

Veterans of the Korean War and one family member are eligible to take part in the Revisit Korea Program. Applications can be filed through the KWVA (Korean War Veterans Association) and Korean embassies (consulates) located in UN allied countries. Accepted applicants (veterans and family members) will be invited by the Korean government to Korea, and supported by the government for attendance at commemorative events and Korean traditional cultural experiences. The MPVA will cover all expenses (lodging, meals, tourist site entrance fees, etc.) during their stay in Korea. Please note that the MPVA will cover 50 percent of the cost of the airline ticket for the veteran and 30 percent for the family member. Please click here to go to the relevant page containing further information.

I’m interested in joining the Peace Camp for Youth. Who is eligible for the camp and how can I apply? (Veterans Policy and International Affairs Division)
  • ○ Eligibility
    • - Overseas
      • · Descendents of veterans from UN Korean War allied nations who are attending Universities.
      • · Individuals who have never visited Korea by government invitation
      • · Individuals who are able to communicate freely in English
    • - Domestic
      • · University students who are able to communicate well in English
      • · Individuals who are able to speak Turkish, French, Spanish or Thai in addition to English, are given preference.
      • · Individuals who possess knowledge and accurate perceptions of the Korean War
    • ○ Procedure
      • - Information of Invitation Plan and Number of Invitees: MPVA → Diplomatic Missions
      • - Notice of Peace Camp Registration: Diplomatic Missions (in cooperation with Korean War Veterans Associations in UN allied nations)
I'd like to know more about the scholarship program. In particular, where can I get detailed information about eligibility and the application process? (Veterans Policy and International Affairs Division)
  • ○ Purpose
    • - To show appreciation for the sacrifice and dedication of UN Korean War veterans who safeguarded the democracy of the Republic of Korea, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.
    • - To provide educational support for the young descendents of UN Korean War veterans in low income brackets through small donations (below KRW 1,000; USD 0.90) made by public officers from their monthly wages.
  • ○ Scholarship Recipients and Amount
    • - Number of descendants of UN Korean War veterans eligible for the program:
      • · Ethiopia: 3 (Elementary & Middle School Course)
      • · The Philippines, Thailand and Colombia: 1 (Middle & High School Course)
    • - Students attending public schools are preferred over those attending private schools.
      • · Students attending private schools from low income families (meeting the criteria set by the MPVA) are also eligible to receive scholarships.
    • - For Ethiopia, students with exceptional grades from low income households (10 to 20 percent) are also eligible to receive scholarships even if they are not descendants of Korean War veterans.
  • ○ Scholarship Application and Award
    • - Diplomatic missions abroad, in collaboration with the KWVA, select candidates for the program and inform their selections to the MPVA.
    • - Scholarship recipients must be accompanied by guardians
    • - Award Schedule
      • · Ethiopia: On a two- month basis
      • · The Philippines, Thailand and Colombia: On a six- month basis
Who is eligible for Ambassador for Peace medals and certificates? (Veterans Policy and International Affairs Division)

The MPVA presents Ambassador for Peace medals and certificates to UN Korean War veterans who participate in various events such as the Korea Revisit Program and the Memorial Event for Soldiers Buried in the UN Cemetery.

In principle, medals and certificates are awarded to Korean War veterans who take part in the aforementioned events. However, the MPVA is making efforts to expand the number of veterans awarded medals and certificates.

Could you please inform me about the current status of memorial facilities overseas? (Commemoration Division)

Please click here to be redirected to the relevant page.

How can I apply for support for construction & maintenance of memorial facilities overseas? (Commemoration Division)

○ The main contractors for projects to construct and maintain memorial facilities overseas should submit to the local diplomatic mission a detailed project plan including objective & contents, fund raising plan, official permit & approval, and the land procurement plan.

○ The local diplomatic mission will first review the submitted project plan and later supply its review to the MPVA. The MPVA’s Memorial Facility Deliberation Committee will then thoroughly review the plan’s feasibility to determine whether support will be provided.