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Independence Patriot of the Month- June
Date 2008-06-02 오전 9:05:52 View 3534
Independence Patriot of the Month- June 2008

Kim Won-sik

Kim Won-sik (? ~1908.6.26) was a national patriot who led a righteous army (Uibyeong) in the Gangwon province, Korea to fight against the Japanese and pro-Japanese Koreans and promoted anti-Japanese movement during the colonial rule. Little is known about his personal history.

In 1907, when Korea lost its national sovereignty to Japan and was forced to dismiss its soldiers, Uibyeong activities became widespread all across the country and Kim was one of leaders who actively participated in the fights against Japan. He conducted his anti-Japanese uprising mostly in the Gangwon province.

When the Uibyeong movement got fierce in and around the mountainous Gangwon province in 1907, the Uibyeong force he was leading fought with a 20-strong army armed with guns and from time to time he joined forces with other righteous armies in the Gangwon area including the one led by Lee Kang-nyun to achieve a brilliant war results. He and his Gangwon volunteer soldiers continued their heroic fight against the Japanese army, destroying Japanese police stations and looting Japanese logistics. They also inflicted their punishment on pro-Japanese Koreans. Kim died in a fierce fight with the Japanese force on June 26, 1908.

To honor his contribution to the country, the Korean government conferred posthumously on him the Independent Medal in the Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1995.

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Independence Patriot of the Month- June