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Independence Patriot of the Month - April
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Son Jung-do (1872.7.26~1931.2.19)

He was born on July 26, 1872 in the village of Ohhung-ri, Kangsuh County, South Pyongahn Province. He staged independence movement along with evangelistic activities as he was sent to Manchuria as a missionary in 1910. In 1912, he was arrested in Russia by Russian secret police, who were falsely informed by the Japanese police that Son plotted to assassinate Japanese Primier Gatzura in Harbin. He was released in 1914 after serving two years in Jindo, South Jeolla province.

Son participated in the March First Movement in February, 1919 in Korea and sought asylum in Shanghai and was appointed as the chairman of the government council (yi-jung-won) succeeding Lee Dong-nyung. In January 1920, he formed Yui-yong-dan, a Korean Millitia Group, with Kim Ku and Kim Chul and declared the purpose of the Association.

In August 1921, he was appointed Minister of Transportation of the Korea Provisional Government and then Chairman of the Korea Red Cross in February 1922. In August of the same year, he joined forced with Kim Ku and Yeo Woon-hyung to form Roh-byeong-hoe, or the Korean Worker Soldier Association and he supported independence movement.

Since 1923, however, the authority of the Provisional Government was unleashed and factional disaccord between independence movement groups got aggravated. Patriot Son tried hard to keep the Government in tact but his efforts were of no use. So he returned to Jirin, devoting himself only to Christian ministry.

He was also engaged in the preparation of taking census of farmers designed to improve the welfare of Korean people who were living in Manchuria in 1927.

In recognition of his contributions for Korea, he was awarded the National Foundation medal in 1962.
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Independence Patriot of the Month - April