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MPVA Hosted 2006 Int'l Workshop on Patriots and Veterans Affairs
Date 2006-10-04 오후 4:49:56 View 3312
- From Aug. 28 to Aug. 29, at Kim Koo Museum & Library in Hyochang Park
- Attended by domestic scholars and government officials from 5 countries including the U.S. in charge of merit reward policy

The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs hosted `International Workshop on Patriots and Veterans Affairs` at Kim Koo Museum & Library, sponsored by the Korean Association for Patriots and Veterans Affairs Studies (Chairman, Young-ock Yoo), with participation of 150 people including Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Yu-chul Park, Chairman of National Policy Committee, Byeong-seug Park, military officers and Veterans affairs-related people from countries participated in the Korean War such as France and Canada.

The workshop was designed to compare Korea`s national merit reward policy to those of other nations through business and academic exchanges with officials from advanced countries including the U.S., France, Australia, and Taiwan. It also aimed at finding our policy direction for the future and laying a foundation for systematic studies of national merit reward.

Eleven merit reward-related people from six countries made presentations on `Compensation System for Injuries and Diseases that have a Weak Casual Relationship with Military Service` and `Medical and Welfare Services for Aging Veterans and Disabled Soldiers`, followed by in-depth discussion with panels.

The MPVA official said, "This workshop will provid a meaningful occasion where we can look for the political alternatives to meet the needs of aging beneficiaries. We also expect that it will serve as an opportunity for the Korean national merit system to be transformed into a more reasonable and promising one."

The official added that all participants from different countries are proudly working for the common goal, which honors and supports those who made sacrifices and contributions to their own country, and hoped the workshop would promote cooperation and exchanges among countries in terms of national merit reward policy.

Deputy Director, Sung-hyun Jang (International Affairs)
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MPVA Hosted 2006 Int'l Workshop on Patriots and Veterans Affairs