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MPVA to report its tasks & plans for 2006 to the President
Date 2006-02-15 오후 3:25:23 View 3232
The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs(MPVA) presented a written report containing the major tasks and plans for 2006 to the President on February 10. The tasks and plans of the MPVA include to devise the advanced medical and welfare plan for aging National Meritorious Persons, to ensure a smooth transition for veterans from active military service to civilian life, and to implement veterans` affairs policy contributing to the national unity.

With the aim of creating a society where National Meritorious Persons can live honorable lives, the MPVA set 5 policy tasks and 19 action plans. Those 5 tasks consists of `Establishment of future-oriented veterans` affairs system`, `Promotion of commemoration project`, `Improvement of medical & welfare service`, `Support for smooth transition to civilian life of veterans` and `Creation of veterans` associations contributing to the national unity`.

The followings are major policy tasks of the MPVA for 2006.

1. Establishment of future-oriented veterans system
The National Merit Reward Commission presided by the Prime Minister is scheduled to be launched in February. The commission is made up of 25 members including 11 ministers and 13 experts on related fields. As demands to expand the eligibility criteria for National Meritorious Persons intensify, the commission is going to designate the new criteria for NMP and formulate compensation principles.
Plus, it plans to come up with an appropriate compensation system targeting those who got sick during the service and devise a 5-year national merit reward scheme.
In addition, the MPVA aims to strengthen international cooperation in veterans` affairs by holding an international workshop on patriots & veterans affairs, publishing the Korean War participation history and inviting Korean War veterans and bereaved families from other countries.

2. Promotion of commemoration project
The MPVA has set the plan to enhance efficiency of judging achievements of independence patriots and to find out more than 500 independence activists. And it will re-publish 60 volumes of independence movement history by compiling movement areas, fields and ideologies of activists.
About KRW 31.5 billion and 30 billion will be injected to the Independence Hall of Korea and the Hyochang park to improve those facilities.
It is also aimed at transforming the National Cemetery in Daejon and other cemeteries into a place where people can take a rest and young students can have a fieldwork experience. In this regard, the MPVA will hold various events such as a writing test and a speech contest intended for children and adolescents at the Cemetery in an attempt to inspire patriotism in the general public.
The MPVA also will conduct a joint project with North Korea to find out remains of patriotic martyr Ahn Joong-geun.

3. Improvement of medical & welfare service
By investing KRW 176.4 billion, the MPVA is building the central Merit Reward hospital that have 1,400 beds. The construction of this hospital with tertiary healthcare service is scheduled to be completed in 2009. And, the MPVA will focus on replacing outdated medical equipment with the new one and increase the number of sickbed to resolve problems of backlogged patients.
In addition, the MPVA will build sanatoriums in 5 cities nationwide by 2010 for old National Meritorious Persons who have no one to take care of them.
Supportive measures for employment, education and loan are going to be strengthened and expanded continuously.

4. Support for smooth transition to civilian life of veterans
The Veterans Support Committee will put every effort to assist veterans to be fully reintegrated into their communities. Specific measures include to establish a system aimed at effectively managing human resources and to provide job replacement service to veterans.
The Veterans Support Center is going to take measures to enhance vocational ability of veterans and support them to be employed or start their own businesses. The center plans to increase the number of professional staff, to offer jobs to 1,000 persons who are not eligible for receiving pension, and to support money (KRW 20 billion) to 3,000 veterans to start business.
Veterans who served more than 10 years will be able to enjoy same benefits of education, medicine and loan with those with more than 20-year service.

5. Creation of veterans` associations contributing to the national unity
The MPVA is going to encourage the participation of association members by revising the articles of association and secure transparency in running profit-making businesses.
And, through innovation of the Korea Veterans Association, the MPVA intends to increase the welfare budget amount for association members to 35% (16.2%, as of 2005) out of the total.
Lastly, associations will be encouraged to take part in volunteer works by the MPVA.

Kim, cheeho(International affairs)
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MPVA to report its tasks & plans for 2006 to the President